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Mahabaleshwar Points

Mahabaleshwar has almost 30 designated sightseeing points, from Hunter Point to Wilson Point a row of needle-pointed peak crest have some or other story woven around it. Mahabaleshwar’s attractive points are crowded through out the year for nature’s glimpses of heaven

Elphistone Point
Location: Close to Arthur’s Point The easiest way to reach Elphistone’s point is through Marjori Point where a path digresses to the pointy on the way to Arthur’s Seat. The peak got its name in the year 1830 when a doctor found scouted the peak and named it after the then Governor of Mumbai Sir Mount Stuart Elphinstone. A popular spot with tourists, natural scenery of the valleys below can be captured on camera from here. A serene spot in Mahalabeshwara, Elphinstone Point is the best place to have a aerial sight of Pratapgardh and Konkan areas.

Kate`s Point, Echo Point & Needle’s Hole
Location: Along the Duchess Road, 4 km from Venna Lake on the road to Panchgani Kate’s Point is famous with tourist for its scene quotients that never falls short of attractiveness. A huge rock (1290 m) that stands beautifully on 50 m high hills, Kate’s Point is named after the daughter of its discoverer, Sir John Malcom. Trekking down from Kate’s Point Jor Valley, the meeting point of Vedganga and Krishna River, Balkwadi and Dhom Valleys are crossed on the way. From the Kate’s Point acme are also seen Kamalgadh, Pandavgarh areas. To the right of this bird’s eye view is accessed the Needle’s hole where a huge rock magnanimously spreads like a hole in the needle. And to right of Kate’s Point one can find the mesmerising Echo Point that returns the word of the speaker in reverberation.

Best time to visit
To get a clearer and better view winters are the best time to visit Kate Point. Views of Dhom Dam and Kamalgadh Peak, Pandavgarh and Mandardeo are clearly caught during winter’s days.

Wilson’s Point
Location: Near Elphistone Point
Wilson Point or Sunrise Point is one of the best bet in Mahabaleshwar. Situated at 4,710 ft sea level, the rock base has three observation towers at different spots on the rock. Standing atop the Wilson Point one can rove in for crystal clear views of Old Mahabaleshwar, Babington Point, Kate`s Point, Connaught Pick Point, Elphinstone Point and Arthur`s Point. Else, one can’t afford to miss the eye-warming view of the early dawn and sunrise. Sunrise can be best viewed from the open second platform that is one km away from the market.

Rosamund Rock and Makhria Point
On the route to Panchgani, almost 6 km from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand is located Rosamund and Birthday Rock. The point is famous for an excellent view of Krishna River flowing down the point. In a close proximity to the Rosamund Rock, toward south of Panchgani, one can hop to Makahriya point. The lack of concrete road makes it a difficult trek up to the point. Makhariya Point proffers a whole-hogging view of Venna River.

Savitri Point
Savitri Point is located close to the Castle Rocks quiet popular forthe entire view of the valley beneath.

Marjori Point Next to Savitri Point, to the left of it, stands Marjori Point. Here, the heights might scare but scenes please. Marjori Point is hazardously located at a high that might test your guts.Savitri Valley is viewed even more clearly.

Hunter Point
Hunter Point welcomes adventure-loving souls as there are several tales of bravery woven around this beautiful place. On the road to the Connaught Peak, Hunter Point sets to appeal many visitors and passer bys. A 1 ½ km trek leads to Hunter Point. On clear, bright days clear view of Koyna Valleys entices its onlookers.

Lordwick Point
A reminiscent of British find of Mahabaleshwar, Lordwick Point is traced on concrete road to the west of the Mahabaleshwar, almost 5 km. Known as Sydney Point formerly; it was rechristened to Lordwick Point in the memory of General Lordwick, the fist British General who found the place.

Bombay Point
Four km ahead of S.T Bus Station, Bombay Point is located close on the route to Old Mumbai. To access this point, people can trek straight on the Tiger Path starting at Chinaman Waterfall. Bombay Point is abuzz with tourists throughout the year with all age-groups. It is hot destination with lovey-dovey honeymooners, middle-aged travellers and children’s as Sunrise and Sunset are its primary haulage. Visiting Bombay Point is recommended just before the sun prepares to set. Sun sets quintessentially where the orange ball assumes several shapes and suffused with colours that just belong to the moment. Evening turns live when the vendors cram the point with eatables like Vadapav, Bhelpuri and Tea et al.

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